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Indieworx is a small independent game studio that aims to develop and deliver interesting and inspiring video games to the games industry.

We're working hard to bring the new website to a published state while continuing our developments and maintaining client relationships, please stick with us. We'll be ready soon!

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About Us

Here's a little more about Indieworx.

Founded in early 2015. Indieworx is a team of passionate and dedicated individuals looking to bring something fresh to the games industry.

At Indieworx our goal is simple: We want to develop fun and entertaining experiences that are highly regarded amongst our fans and colleagues alike. We are currently working on our very first IP for PC called “The Machine”

As a company our highest priority is to make sure that our games are high in quality and rich with content. We also aim not to overshoot our capabilities to avoid disappointing our fans and we also aim to have a certain level of transparency with our developments.

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Email: patrick@indieworx.co

Skype ID: Indieworx

London, United Kingdom